Founder Tali Brash has partnered with numerous organisations and individuals to bring about profound change in their lives through uncovering and expressing the voices within.



Tali offers meditations that are uniquely guided and deeply soulful. Tali’s meditations have had rave reviews around the world (via the Insight Timer app), with clients particularly finding her voice to be soothing and nurturing. Topics include: mindfulness, deep rest, inner peace, reducing anxiety, calming the mind, following your heart, connecting to your higher self and trusting your intuition. Suitable for corporate workplaces, co-working spaces and live events.

“Tali brought so much calm and ease to the One Roof community. Our members couldn’t wait for her 20minute meditation every Tuesday (and sometimes Thursdays) at 2pm. Tali is a very talented meditation teacher. She has a calming voice and is able to take us all on a journey. Tali was able to work in any environment whether in the event space, meeting rooms or even if there were people walking in and out of the room or construction going on outside. She was able to work with the sounds and ensure we all had a calming and meditative experience. Tali is a natural facilitator. She isn’t just taking us through a meditation practice, she is bringing the community together and facilitating connections. We loved sharing our one word at the start and end of the meditation to describe how we are feeling. It often sparked great conversation at the end of each meditation. It was such a sacred and special time and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Tali when we open our new flagship site. I can’t speak highly enough of Tali and her ability to teach meditation in a simple and profound way. Tali, thank you for bringing your energy to the One Roof community. We are all very grateful. And of course, we love Billie too!”
— Sheree Rubinstein, Founder and CEO of One Roof


Drawing on the core techniques used in The Voices Of Programs, Tali is able to run workshops focused on topics such as team building, self confidence, owning your voice, dealing with the inner critic, reigniting your creativity, feeling free in your creative expression, overcoming fear & pursuing your purpose.
Workshops can be anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days, can be customised to suit your specific goals, and can be facilitated in house or at a venue of your choice.



Tali uses her own journey and experiences to captivate audiences on a soul level, breaking down barriers with understanding and empathy. After hearing Tali speak, people walk away empowered and energised, ready to meet the inner voices that have been holding them back.

Tali is available to speak at your event, and can impart much needed guidance on topics related to mental health, mindfulness, creative expression and finding peace with the voices within.

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Tali takes on a limited number of private clients, by selection only. She works with people to give them tools and awareness of the different voices, so they can feel empowered to live from their true voice and share their gifts with the world. Clients come out of the coaching sessions with more clarity on their vision, an understanding of what steps to take, more inner peace, less judgement and are able to use the tools in future when their voices arise.



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“I recently asked Tali to facilitate a meditation during a big workshop I was running with one of the Big 4 banks. We went from 12 busy, overwhelmed, scattered individuals to one connected group, calm and focused ready for our afternoon together. Not bad for 15 minutes eh!”
— Founder, Rowboat
“The best facilitator I have worked with hands down. She is present and comes from a place of full integrity and love. Her ability to hold space gives you full permission to expand. I loved that she was gentle through the process but would also push you to your edge.”
— Stephanie, workshop attendee


Tali is a trained actress and gifted performer, having performed sold out one-woman shows across Australia that struck a deep chord with audiences.

In 2019 she will be presenting a new one-woman show focused on telling the tales of lives lived, both men and women, who haven’t been able to voice their own stories, and sharing the struggles we go through both mentally and physically when we disconnect from our true self.



The Voices of Tali captivated audiences with raw, entertaining and honest insights into the voices we all have inside. Tali shared her story of how she came from growing up in the heart of Melbourne's Jewish community, was a highly anxious high achiever and went on the path of finding her true voice.  This piece demonstrated that by giving voice to the fears inside and choosing to live instead from the loving voices that we can create more peace and kindness for ourselves and the world. 

TEDxStKilda - ‘Fake/Fate’ event 2017


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