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You know those voices in your head?
That say mean things?
And make you doubt yourself?

If you want to…

  • Learn how to transform your inner self talk to loving, compassionate and empowering thoughts

  • Reawaken your creativity

  • let go of self doubt and sabotage

  • ShiFt your fear mindset and have more courage

  • let go of your old belief system that is keeping you small

  • know the difference between your true voice and your ego

  • be more confident in your expression

  • feel free to follow your soul calling and pursue what you love

In this deeply transformative program, we give you the tools to meet and express your inner voices, separating those that are in your head from your true inner self.

We all have voices within that want to block our creativity and stop us from being in our power. However, with a willingness to commit to changing your inner life, you can start to have more control over which voice in you is ruling.

You will be encouraged to reconnect to your inner true voice - the one that can lead you to your true path and true passions.

If there is a voice calling you towards it….

it’s time to listen.




"Just do it! That voice telling you not to do it, is scared of what could be on the other side of being 100% authentically you. Trust that inner knowing and go for it. The level of self trust, discipline, inner knowing and creativity you will find in yourself is worth it. Give yourself the gift of knowing all of you better and loving all parts of yourself - you wont be looking back on this decision with regret, but with joy and confidence."

Chloe - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program


"The content was incredible. I have never experienced such a relevant and practical application of the various techniques and tools of Self Development, for creative purposes."

Ally - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program

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"Loving this course SO MUCH!!! I'm getting way more out of it than I ever thought possible. I recommend it to anyone looking to take control of all the voices in your head that may be ruling or may not have been heard for awhile. I love that I am becoming friends with these voices. Even the loud, mean, controlling ones. They are feeling heard and I am getting so much clearer in my True Voice. Thanks for your endless support Tali Brash, you are amazing!"

Cat - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program


"It’s crazy and fun and freeing. If you feel drawn to it, follow your own heart and gut. If it says yes then just dive in and enjoy it with a bit of lightness and a lot of self love."

Esther - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program


"I would say/have been saying...Its a life changer.
A program that unlocks your creative potential, your relationship to performing, to your voices and to your truth/heart/self."

Stephanie - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program

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