Our mission is to help people come to peace with the voices in our heads through meditation, movement and creative expression. To embrace all parts of ourself and live from our true self in life, our businesses and on stage. We are dedicated to creating & producing transformational programs & events that guide people back to themselves. To that voice inside that is our intuition, higher power and universal force. 

We are proud to have produced 6 SOLD OUT Voices Performance Ritual shows in the past year, for graduates of The Voices Of...Program to share their full expression with an audience. 


In the audience of The Voices Of...Performance Ritual… I felt a personal victory for the performers who were embodying their grey, shut-away voices from a neglected cupboard. As each new character came to the stage I was cheering as their Voices blossomed out of the underdog role and into the light. They were, of course ‘Voicing’ for me. Beautifully touching, incredibly funny, and healing. Tali’s gift is that she is doggedly and wholeheartedly committed to encouraging her performers Voice all of who they are, for all of us.
— Madhuma Thompson-Ramsey