It's Happening...

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It’s Happening…

Without the flashy lights and the big production "name in lights'" broadway vibe.
It's simply happening. 

After four years of exploration, growth, failures, successes, meltdowns, triumphs, lessons and laughs along the way...
I'm returning to the stage with my voices. 

I realised as I sat down to map out the entirety of the show - that this show has been in creation/development mode for the last few years. All the videos, stage appearances, hosting events, running programs and workshops - it's led me to this moment of feeling quite surrendered...and quite humbled to invite you to this next edition.
There aren't gna be chandeliers and a Beyonce style production of 200 crew. There'll be me, my 12 voices, my wonderful team by my side and this incredible community coming together.

You see, I put off getting back up on stage solo for a little while...
When I originally did it 4 years ago, I didn't know what was coming through at the time but I had a lot of fun creating it. And was quite taken aback by the success of it all. 
When I began the movement shortly after that, I felt a lot of passion and inspiration around guiding others through this process that had profoundly changed my life. And now, there are new voices. There are new characters I am integrating and setting new boundaries with in my subconscious so that they no longer rule my life. And I want to share these new learnings with you. So we can laugh and reminisce about the humaness of it all. That we aren't perfect. That we have stories, beliefs and voices imbedded into our psyche that a lot of the time we're unaware of. Or if we are, how do we even change them? 

I want to let you in on one of the themes I'll be exploring in this particular show...about what it is to be a woman

I thought that being a strong woman meant putting up this front. Of appearing strong, like I had my shit together all the time. I thought being a strong woman wasn't asking for help, it was figuring out how to do things myself. I thought being a strong woman was to make others like you - and so in order to do that - there were numerous times of not speaking my truth and being a people pleaser. 
I've been confused about the role of a woman - what we've seen in ads and movies and heard from the generations before us aren't necessarily true now for all women. 
So there's been one part of me wanting to be more in my innate wise maternal feminine and another part that was so against it. 
It's been 'inner battle city' for years, but I find through surrendering to this process of letting these voices speak - expressing them through characters, movement and sound - that I am able to come home. Come home to myself and to that inner knowing that I am never alone. That I am being guided by something greater than myself. That is the only thing that relieves me these days. That there is a force and power greater than myself. That there is a true voice who knows the path to joy way better than the voices in my head. 

So, I feel blessed to be inviting you to this next chapter...of coming home to the origins of this work. Of coming back to doing what I really love (bc as much as I've learnt from it all - newsletters, mailchimp, marketing, event planning...the runnings of a biz isn't my first true love) 
I love connecting with an audience, I love relaying stories and reflecting characters of people you've seen in the street, at parties, at work and grown up with. 

I've called this show "The Voices Of" instead of "The Voices Of Tali" because one of the things I've come to realise is that we all have these voices. They aren't just mine, they're yours and probably the generation before us too. 
They're universal. And it's my honour to share them with you and give them a voice. 

I'm really looking forward to experiencing these shows with you. 

Friday 17th
Saturday 18th
& Sunday 19th May
7pm at One Roof, Southbank

You can BOOK TICKETS via our events page:

Thank you for the love and support.

Looking forward to sharing these shows with you.

Big Love,

Tali xx