How You Can Come To Find Your True Voice...

Hello voices fambam,

I hope you have all had a great start to 2019, and are feeling centred, positive, and enjoying this hot start to the year if you’re in Melbourne - Oy Vey!

I can’t believe we are less than two weeks out from another Voices Of… Performance Ritual. This show will be the eighth performance I have hosted under ‘The Voices of’ umbrella (!), and the current group of performers are the eighth group of people I have worked with to help release the voices in their head that are not serving them. It’s been a huge two and a half years, and I am really proud of what this movement has become.

As I was driving this morning to take my puppy for a walk at the dog park, I had the realisation that

This voices work came to me from a power greater than myself. 

I never set out to be an entrepreneur, to run programs and workshops and host events and be the founder of this beautiful community we have grown.  I created a one woman show called ‘The Voices of Tali’ out of necessity, out of a desperate need to free myself from the things that were stopping me from living my true path. It resonated with people, so I went with the flow and began to teach others what I had learnt through my constant battle with my own voices.  And I did not know it at the time, but the more I see people transition through this work, the more I realise that this was something given to me. 

And that it is my responsibility and calling to share it with others.
So that more people can connect in with their higher self.
Their true voice.
And aren't running around with fear driving their lives. 


For years my mind was so active.  I spent years being on stage but was really good at acting off stage as well. Saying I was ok when I wasn't, saying yes to things when my gut was saying no, acting as if I was confident and doubting myself every step of the way. What I've realised from witnessing people go through this work is that we are all the same. We all have these voices that can destroy us from the inside out, sometimes without even realising it because they're hiding so deep down in our subconscious. Mostly, they are our ego, trying so damn hard to protect us from getting hurt….not realising they are the one that’s hurting us the most. Eventually, I found a way to distinguish between what was my ego talking and what was my higher self, my true voice.

And it was through creativity.

I believe we are all born with creativity. Our expression of it may look completely different to the person next to us, however creativity is a way we can all connect to a higher source. It is a tool that has become invaluable to me and my wellbeing. I have continued to create expressions of the voices in my head, years after my first show. And it’s a daily spiritual practice I will be doing and sharing with others for the rest of my life.

Coming into the final week of this round of the program, True Voice week, I’m reminded of the times where I feel the beauty of real inner stillness. Do you ever have those moments where you've just had a big cry and you're so exhausted that your mind stops and you just feel present all of a sudden? Or you've come out of a yoga class and feel like the pace of the world around you is calmer, and you begin noticing more nature and sounds than you were before? 

I love those moments.

The moments where my mind stops and there is that little bit of peace that sets in. 

But we can also cultivate this stillness within us, without needing these prompts. We can surrender to our true voice – this voice deep down that gives us signs, wisdom and serendipitous moments when miracles happen. Some call it God or Source or The Universe. Call it what you wish and what you connect to. But we can surrender to it, and experience the peace of not being controlled by the other voices that can get in the way.

The peace that comes after we've spoken out and creatively expressed the voices of our ego.

There are still certain things and people that will trigger my mind and inner voices to go into a downward spiral. And when they are in control, my life can turn to shit. I’m human, it happens… but I'm so grateful that I have more and more tools to help me let go of those voices and come back to peace. It is such a relief to know that I am not the voices in my head, and they aren’t really my true voice.

And it is my passion that everyone can experience this relief, and feel this power.

I feel honoured that I got to guide yet another group of inspiring women these past 12 weeks. Women who had every reason from their fear voice not to do the program, especially with the timing of it being over the summer/school holidays period. But they said yes. They said yes to their soul. And they committed each week to meeting and expressing one of their inner voices. And now they are in preparation  to share them with you in just over a week!