Are You On The #AnxietyTrain?


Years ago if you'd said to me that I'd get to a stage in my life where I'd be able to sit still for 20 minutes and experience peace in my mind & body....I would have probably belly know that awkward belly laugh that over compensates just how uncomfortable you feel? Yeah...that. 

I don't recall hearing about meditation in school or was really exposed to it until I went to acting school 7 years ago and started hearing more about it. After one of my teachers commented on the amount of tension I was holding in my body, I thought it might be good to give this meditation thing a go!

I learnt with a transcendental meditation teacher who was also an actor, for 4 days. It was intense. I started having these massive releases - crying, sweating and feeling OH SO PRESENT...!
I guess you could equate it to someone taking drugs for the first time, not that I've taken that much, if any, but it was like being in an altered state. Although, this state felt more natural then the one I'd spent 99% of the time in....#anxietytrain

I started going to 5Rhythms, a movement meditation practise religiously and found that the combo started shifting things for me immensely. Before that, I'm pretty sure I was numbed out from the head down. I was so in my head, so anxious all the time and not to get all gory with you, but my digestion was out of control. I thought it was normal to have diarrhoea everyday, until I started meditating and learnt to relax my stomach with deep belly breathing, soon after I was able to stomach foods I'd never been able to digest. 

I turned to my partner the other day and realised that we meditate every day now. First thing in the morning we sit up in bed and put 20 mins on the timer, before we speak to each other, we take time to sit and be. 

And that's what I really want to share here is that I NEVER thought I'd be able to do meditation, let alone any practise consistently everyday except for brushing my teeth.

But the cool thing is, we can actually retrain our brain and our habits.

And things we find hard, can soon become easier. And things that make us feel good, become more tempting than doing things that make us feel like shit. 

So whether you are an avid mediator or you've never tried it before, you are welcome to join us for the
7 Day Meditation Challenge -  to reduce your anxiety. 

Each day you'll share a photo of you in the private Facebook Group after your meditation to help with accountability and I'll be sharing live group meditations in there as well. 

Hope you’ll join us!

Big Love,
Tali xx