Is Winter Over Yet?

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If we really listened to nature and it's ways, perhaps we wouldn't be so bogged down with the jolt of winter and what it brings.

Coldest of shadows. 

We somehow mistakenly think that we can bypass this stage and put the heater on so we don't feel the cold. 

But the heavens know. They know that by us not listening to the signs, not stopping to feel the coldness, to meet the deepest darkest parts, it will have to get us there another way. 

For there is no light without darkness. 

Maybe you retreated this winter? Felt really lost, directionless, off purpose, not living at your greatest potential? 

And maybe...just maybe, instead of listening to the voice that beats you down, you could acknowledge the quieter voice within that's been there all along whispering to you to surrender. 

To listen to how you truly feel. 

To see the depths of this darkness. 

To hear the echo's of the loss you feel for not living in your shiny bright self. 

Cos really deep down don't you know that your sparkly joyful self will come back?

Well, let me remind you...

It will. 

In spring, summer there is always new life. It's law. It's nature. It's universal creation energy. 

So, take a breath. Winter is freeing, moving away after it's indulgent stay. See if you can be grateful for all the lessons?
For this moment right here, right now.
Maybe the gifts from this time aren't clear yet, but you can feel them simmering? 

Wishing you were not where you are doesn't get you to that place faster. It just creates a discordance within. 

There are so many voices within. Do you know you have the ability to choose which one you want to lead the way in your life? It's a muscle that can be tested, grown, strengthened and exercised. 

If you want to go to the "gym" and  transform your inner world - get in touch. 

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The Voices Of...Program.

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It's a 3 month mentoring program to help you put those harsh voices to rest & live with more peace, joy & purpose. You will learn to distinguish between which voice is which. Your ego or your true voice? And how to navigate your decisions and life choices through creative expression of them. Bring back your creativity and zest for life through an experience that brings you back to you. 

Big love to you and your voices,

Tali xx