Are You Addicted To Your Negative Thoughts?


I didn't know addictions can also be internal.

I thought addictions meant being addicted to something outside of yourself - drugs, alcohol, food, sex... 

But I've seen in myself and in others the addictions we can have internally too. To letting our minds run the show. And not a happy positive 'Broadway' one, but a negative self destructive one. 

I've used many tools over the years to help me clear and relax my mind. To turn my thoughts from self beating to self loving, from self defeating & doubtful to hopeful and from anxiety and worry to feeling gratitude. 

I endorse meditation, movement, yoga, sound healing all as tools that have brought me some relief. However, the thing that has helped me the most is speaking out these negative voices, seeing what they have to say and then retraining them to know that they are no longer needed or serving my life. Once upon a time they protected me. Now they just destroy me. From the inside out.

Our external world always reflects our inner.

And if we are not being refuelled with kind, compassionate loving voices then our world and our sense of feeling full in this life ain't gonna be there. 

To journey through the different parts of the self and meet the inner voices is a sacred, transformative, healing and fun creative process. I'm only up for working with people who are willing to take ownership and responsibility for themselves, to nurture & love that child inside & be the best loving parent to them. 

And we don't stop there, we take it further in our understanding that we all have guides and angels around us and we invite those voices that are kind and loving to become louder in our ears. 

If you feel like your soul is screaming out for more creative expression, to feel empowered in sharing your voice, to not be afraid to be all that your are, to feel the support of a community who gets it - who also have really critical voices in their heads who've learnt to love them. 

I'm inviting only a select amount of people (men & women) into my next intake of The Voices Of...Program. This is a 3 month mentoring program with the option of a Performance Ritual at the end with both online and in personal style content and learning. Full to the brim with creative and spiritual practises/tools so you feel more self love, confidence and empowerment. 

If you want your true voice to lead the way and not the voices in your head, get in touch. 

Big Love to you and your voices, 
Tali xx