Feeling Creative?

You know when you go to do something, that you know deep down once you start...you'll love? 
But then just before you're about to do it...
That little voice creeps in...

"Really? Do we have time for this?"
"You can't afford that right now"
"You'll be exhausted if you do that" etc. etc. 

This little fear voice ain't so little for the majority of us. 

For most of us find that this voice can carefully creep in and have it's way with us.
Convincing us that pursuing what we love and getting creative, whether it be going to a new dance class, singing in the shower, taking time to journal, paint, do a FB live video about something you're passionate about, going to an art gallery by yourself....is a waste of time.

This voice's role is to keep you in what 'it' thinks is safe and secure. 

"Better to be small than to take a risk" it says.

So, yes there are times maybe where you want to be conservative, plan things out and feel that safety. But then there are also times to move past your fears and take the leap.

The fear voice is such a great indicator as to where courage lies.

If we didn't have fear how would we know what it is to be courageous? 

So, maybe instead of resisting and hating the fact that you have this fear voice, perhaps you can thank it each time it arises for reminding you that you are closer to courage.

Ahhh...I can hear some of your voices saying
"But I'm not creative"
Often when this voice rises up so fast in defence it can also be a good indicator to the exact opposite. That in fact, you are highly creative. And if you actually gave yourself time for it, on the other side of it would be huge transformation and more joy in your life.

So, why not give it a try?? 

Big Love, 
Tali xx