The Voices Of Women

Photo by: Esther Buttery

Photo by: Esther Buttery

What I learnt was that anxiety doesn't go away, we just get better at not letting it control us...that we can make friends with it.

I learnt that when you have a vision for something, to surround yourself with positive, powerful people who believe in it too - that you can really bring it to fruition.

I learnt that if you bring your focus to that one thing and keep at it, even through the tasks that you don't know how to do and want to give up on and rip your hair just breathe and stay with it and ask for help from someone who knows.

I learnt that people are extremely generous with their time, energy and money.

I learnt that from the deepest darkest pain, can come some beautiful fucking gold.

I learnt that you cannot control or change other people, only the perceptions you have and your own actions.

I learnt that loss and grief when given space to be felt can then make space for your heart to open up again.

I learnt never to doubt the visions and that inner voice that has guided me all this way.

I learnt the importance of intention and what you put out will come back to you ten fold.

I learnt that music, laughter, tears and women sharing their voices is one of the greatest healings and the world needs more of it.

I learnt that with hard work, a lot of heart, belief in a higher power and a team around you who laugh and cry all the way with you - that miracles can happen.

I don't want to paint a picture that this has been an easy ride and everything was perfect...well it was, but not in that LaLa fantasy perfection way. I felt anxiety in the lead up, I cried the night before and couldn't sleep cos I was missing Alan. The grief, depression and anxiety that I experienced this year was tremendous, but following this vision led to me reconnecting with my soul, feeling the flow of synchronicity, joy and inner peace again.

"The Voices Of Women" was so potent in it's healing energy. It was like all the speakers and performers had the same universal message and were all connecting dots, even though they didn't know what the other was going to say. All the stories that were shared by Em Rusciano, Chelsea Plumley, Susan Santoro, Jessica Jovanovski, myself and the performers Jude Pearl & Lauren Glezer - all tied together in this message of listening to that inner voice, your gut, following your intuition and making peace with the fact that we are human and it's ok to not be coping sometimes. And that there are so many ways to find that sense of peace again with these parts of yourself - spiritually, creatively and clinically.

There were so many comments about the energy in the room being so warm and welcoming. People felt comfortable to laugh, cry, chat to the random person next to them and could relate to what the women on stage were sharing. It was quite surreal to see the unfolding of what I had so clearly envisioned.

We had a packed room and raised a lot of money for Beyond Blue on the night too, which meant a lot.

In the past I've lived for the 'highs', the big moments - the moments where I was up on stage were my happiest. But for the last few years I've found the love of the in-between moments.

There was a moment before we let the audience in, and I think amongst many highlights, this was the moment that really took my breath away. Because I looked around the room and the gift bags were being made, the sound was being tested, the silent auction and raffle stations were being set up, the door list was being put together with the payment system, the grazing table was being made up and I stopped to see this community of women lovingly give of themselves to this higher was like stepping back in time and seeing a tribe out in nature all contributing the community, some looking out for the kids, going to hunt for food and collecting the firewood. And in that moment I felt so blessed and grateful for the community that I'm apart of that continues to grow with the most beautiful people.

So thankful to everyone who shared this event, help spread the word, work behind the scenes in the lead up and was there supporting and joining us on the night.

For those who couldn't be there, there will be more. 
The Voices Of Men is next...cos let's support the men too in sharing their voices!

For those who are suffering in silence, please...know that you are not alone. Know that you are not the voices in your head. Please reach out for help...cos you never the beauty that can come of it...

So Much Love,
Tali xx